fitting for feet orthotics. how ti properly care for your orthotic with kawartha prosthetics and orthotics

Caring for Your Orthotics

Why Is Proper Orthotic Care Important?

Proper orthotic care is important for two major reasons: prolonging the life of your inserts and effectiveness. With proper care you able to restore the shape of your orthotics, ultimately impacting its effectiveness, longevity, and other potential troublesome concerns like odor.

How to Clean Your Orthotics

To keep orthotics clean and odor-free, we suggest using mild detergent and warm water once, every other day. It is ideal to keep your orthotics fresh to prevent potential irritation. Some patients also apply Scotch-guard to their inserts to keep them looking clean and to stop absorption of odor or dirt.

When to Get Professional Help

If you are still unsure and want proper guidance we highly urge you to reach out to a professional. Since everyone’s diagnosis is so different, it is so important to ask questions or to address concerns if they do arise.

If needed, a professional will provide you with tips and tricks when it comes to orthotic maintenance, geared towards your lifestyle and situation. Instead of taking a cookie cutter approach and assuming that all healing processes are the same, the team at Kawartha Prosthetics and Orthotics understand that everyone’s journey is unique and solutions must vary for the best results.

For any questions or concerns regarding orthotics, please reach out to us. Our goal is to simplify your life and provide you with tips to set you up for success!

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