one-legged handicap BMX rider Julian Molina warming up with his BMX bike and crutches

The Story of One-legged BMXer: Julian Molina

It is no secret how difficult BMX is, especially on the body. This sport in particular requires an insane amount of resilience, coordination and balance. Most people would assume that this sport is best suited for those who are able-bodied however, Julian Molina has proved us all wrong. Molina can be found cruising around Andes, Colombia, doing back flips and tricks on his BMX with just a single leg.

Red Bull caught up with him not too long ago to ask about his story – here’s what Molina had to say:


Julian Molina is a BMX rider who is considered a “local celebrity” in his homeland and an inspiration to many people across the globe. As mentioned in Red Bull’s video, Molina was involved in an awful collision back in 2006 – leaving Molina’s left foot crushed and then, later infected with gangrene. As a result, his entire leg had to be amputated as doctors emphasized that this procedure is the only way to save his life.

Despite the amputation, Molina’s spirit and desire to explore and experience new things only continued to grow rather than dwindle. He did not let his amputation stop him from living his life and pursuing a career in BMX riding. “I don’t feel as if I’m missing a body part,” says Molina – which is evident through his body motion and his incredible BMX skills.

Crediting Mahatma Gandhi’s quote as his greatest inspiration, Molina states, “Strength doesn’t come from the body. It comes from the mind’s will.” Molina’s story is one we admire dearly as it goes to show that anything is truly possible if you work hard and really put your mind to it.

To learn more about Molina’s story, take a look at Red Bull’s article.

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